First and foremost Mercedes has taught me how to develop my own vocal style which has helped me with my singing and songwriting career immensely. Many teachers can show you proper technique, but Mercedes not only teaches you great technique but also allows you to develop your own style and vocal originality as well.

On top of her outstanding teaching she is also an amazing artist and person. I recommend any vocalist who wants to become an artist to study with her.

- Anjelia Pelay (www.facebook.com/anjeliamusic)

After only a few sessions with Mercedes, my voice was holding up better for all of my performances. Not only did I notice a difference, but friends, family, and fans all made remarks about the clarity. It doesn’t matter your range, skill, or style of singing. Mercedes will make a difference. And she is super fun to be around too which is an added bonus!!

- Mary Jennings (www.maryjennings.com)

Mercedes is an old-school, badass vocalist who can rock in any genre. When you learn from her, it is from the best. The technique she teaches demands a lot and it returns even more, but it is her vim and passion for music and singing that has helped to bring my confidence as a singer to new levels. With Mercedes’ guidance, I have found my voice.

- Sam Gedymin (www.goodwolf.squarespace.com)

For years I hesitated to buckle down and take vocal lessons. I figured that if I kept plugging away at making music, at some point I would overcome the hurdles I kept coming up against when I sang. This was sort of like hoping that a toothache will take care of itself; at some point, you’re going to need a dental pro (or at least a wise shaman) to take a look at the issue and make some suggestions. Mercedes approaches vocal training with a methodology reflecting her years of experience as well as her commitment to music and the joy of singing.

She patiently taught me how to revel in the goof ups and stumbling blocks inevitable to the human voice. You feel, under her leadership, that the vulnerability of what you’re doing is what makes the act of expression so empowering. She’s a phenomenal educator, technician and performer in her own right.

- Joanie Wolkoff, singer/songwriter for Foxe Basin, Safra Nikoto and Stranger Islands (www.safranikoto.com)

Mercedes Hall is New York’s premium vocal coach.  She has a keen understanding of the mechanics of vocal production.  She is vastly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and intuitive.  Unlike many voice lessons, a lesson with Mercedes is tailor made to your goals.  Not to mention she has an impressive studio unlike any I’ve seen for voice lessons.  Mercedes Hall should be your only choice for vocal instruction.

- James Gathings (ITunes)

Arielle is enjoying her singing very much, this is the very first time she sticks to a routine and looks forward to attend every time, congratulations you must be amazing!!! I love to hear Arielle sing and I thank you for helping her find her voice.

- Carmen Tal (mother of student and Founder /Owner of Moroccan Oil)

I don’t even know the words to say about my training with Mercedes Hall. Her teaching style is so unique and effective; and the way she delivers it and connects with her students is truly invaluable. She has not only, helped me over the years to improve on my singing voice, but also – and most importantly, has helped me to build up my confidence.

She is not only an irreplaceable vocal coach, but also an incredible support, mentor, and friend. I am so grateful that she came into my life (almost 10 years ago!). Thank you for everything!

- Michelle Medoff (‘Miss Long Island’ 2014) www.facebook.com/michellemedoff


I went to see Mercedes because I began losing my voice due excessive performances. Ever since my first class I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength, flexibility and range and it’s been such pleasure to sing. Mercedes is beautifully equipped to nurture and teach any artist due to her broad understanding of acting and musical styles. Her positive energy and technique had given me the confidence to hit notes I always tried to avoid.

- Agnes Jawien, Co-Founder of ABBA Girlz