My Approach


My approach emphasizes Speech Based Singing a.k.a. SBS, which is exceptionally adaptable to a broad range of styles, because it DOES NOT force rigid technique. SBS develops voices free of clutter, manufactured sounds and overculture.

SBS responds to both the immediate and structural problem of the individual singer including constriction caused by high larynx and the resultant inability of the vocal chord structure to allow easy pitch control and natural vowel formation in the throat. Techniques are successful for improving the voices of singers of almost all ages and are particularly effective rejuvenating senior and damaged voices.

This technique is the forerunner in extending Bel Canto into Pop (which includes everything from R&B, Jazz, pop, rock etc.) as well as musical theatre and opera. When using this technique it produces greater vocal range and control which allows complete freedom to express feelings when singing a song.